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Education is and remains the top priority of internally displaced people. The right to education is fundamental to every child. A good education equips youngsters with the necessary skills and competencies essential to live meaningful lives.

Since 2016, the forceful displacement of young people of Cameroon's NW and SW regions has severely affected schooling. Their right to education was denied/interrupted since learning institutions became centres of crossfire between the belligerents. This situation posed severe challenges in the quality of education delivered and depleted the young people's ability to learn and develop in such an unsafe environment. Moreover, as they run to safety zones, they still suffer the trauma and lack protection and support.

We believe education will provide security and support and a sense of normalcy needed by the displaced community. We also believe education helps heal the trauma of dislocation, builds resilience in the victims and restores hope for the future. Therefore, quality education will equip, empower, and holistically transform the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people forced to flee from their homes in Cameroon's NW and SW regions.

ACOHOF IDP CARE INITIATIVE is working to ensure child education is uninterrupted during this crisis.
Access to education which displaced people are deprived of, is relevant to the sustainable growth of every individual and community. With ACOHOF Family Farm School, we offer free education to IDPs and young people who have no chance to learn. The students are lodged in the school dormitories and eat together with their mates in the school refectory. Our vocational programs equip them with the productivity skills, experience and sureness needed to change their lives and the future of their communities. 

Sponsor a Child / Pay school Fees

COVID and the Anglophone crisis not only forced IDPs to flee their homes to bushes and safety zones but left many without a source of livelihood. While fighting to survive, many live below the poverty line and cannot afford basic education needs and funding for children school fees. ACOHOF IDP CARE INITIATIVE understands education is essential for every youngster irrespective of the family’s financial status. 

Partnering with individuals of goodwill, NGOs, Corporate partners, and other global actors help sponsor the countless number of children. Join this initiative to give someone a brighter future by donating gifts of didactic materials: pens, pencils, sharpeners, rulers, notebooks, textbooks, school bags and other tools needed to facilitate the learning process. Our interest is on those whose education was interrupted. 
Your support today is required like never before to keep this work going. Join us in giving disadvantaged IDP children hope for a brighter future.

IDP Online Learning:

The prolonged crisis has resulted in school shutdown across the NW and SW regions. The deadly COVID-19 makes the situation far worst. Primary and secondary education are the hardest hit sectors from the onset of these emergencies. It has been estimated there are more than a million displaced children out of classrooms scattered all over the nation, especially in the Littoral, West, Centre and Adamawa regions of Cameroon. 

The IDP Online Learning is our initiative to bring quality education within reach of all. We believe this model brings significant advantages as it eases the access to education by displaced people, not on site. 

Our objectives are:

To offer online educational programs that will build up the capacities of young people to develop their psychosocial, vocational and professional aptitude. 

To enhance IDP accessibility and flexibility to get involved in the learning process.

To ensure social distancing and limit the risk of contracting COVID-19 in overpopulated classrooms.
To improve productivity in learning as courses and resources can be accessed from anywhere.
Reduce cost and enhance independent learning for all displaced persons wherever they are. 

COVID-19 Emergency Response:

The vast and rapid spread of COVID-19 globally continues to ravage people around the world. The scale of this crisis is overwhelming and has affected whole nations and communities. Unfortunately, the displaced population of Cameroon is more vulnerable to this deadly virus as they often find themselves in overcrowded settlements with deplorable sanitation and no access to health care. This challenges their ability to effectively implement public health measures like hand hygiene and social distancing. 

The ACOHOF IDP CARE INITIATIVE’s response to this emergency is providing essential services that include water, buckets, soaps, hand sanitisers, face masks, mosquito nets, mattresses, blankets and shelter support.

Together with other global actors, we disseminate relevant information to educate the vulnerable displaced families on public health measures. Our urgent presence in IDP camps and settlements delivers what is needed by the IDPs to beat the Coronavirus and tackle other health issues. 


Children deserve better. You can join us to help young people and whole families recover from the deadly pandemic. 

IDP Loans / Cash Aid:

Many of our IDPs are settled in localities with substantial agricultural potentials. Bankim and Magba are typical examples. Providing them with agricultural tools, cash aid, or small loans will help them start small scale businesses to help them survive. This will boost the local economies that are performing very poorly and help rebuild the markets. 

You can help a family to start all over. 

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Food and Livelihood:

The health and welfare of IDPs are as crucial as that of you and me. But, just like everyone else, we must protect their right to food and livelihood. 

The case of the Anglophone displaced population is peculiar. They lack adequate food and livelihood support in the bushes, makeshift homes and their overcrowded settlements. With no lands to cultivate, these IDPs experience a severe breakdown in food production and go hungry for days with nothing to eat. Entire families and communities are dispossessed of their possessions and means of livelihood disrupted. This crisis only adds to the already disparaging situation in Cameroon's NW and SW regions, with intensifying conflicts and backbreaking socio-economic effects of the Coronavirus. 

The ACOHOF IDP Care Initiative response is providing emergency food assistance to the most vulnerable displaced families to prevent the risk of a double disaster. In addition, our IDP Loans, Cash-Aid and vocational training are strategies to protect, support and strengthen the capacities of young people and families to earn a living. This averts recurrent displacement within the IDP community and improves their ability to manage risk and other catastrophic situations. 

Join us today in our campaign to provide basic food provisions and livelihood needs for better economic and social welfare. 

Corporate Sponsorship:

Corporate Partnerships with NGOs stress the role of businesses and corporations in humanitarian action. There is an urgent need for actors across different sectors to join hands in addressing the problems IDPs face. Through the partnership, we are committed to realizing exceptionally innovative solutions to advance economic growth and a sustainable future for the most vulnerable people and families that have been displaced from their homes. 

Partner with ACOHOF IDP CARE INITIATIVE to optimize your social impact and achieve your objectives. 

Community Fundraising:

When IDPs flee, they leave behind their homes, possessions and livelihood. There are many ways that you can donate to make a significant difference in someone’s life. It could be for education, food, livelihood, water, shelter, sanitation, healthcare, or your unique life-saving assistance. We hope you have a great time doing it.
Join us by donating or becoming a partner.


COVID-19 Emergency Response:


1. Clothing/lodging/mosquito nets
2. Gifts of Didactic materials/
3. Sponsor a Child/ pay school fees
4. Community Fundraising
5. Corporate Sponsorship
6. IDP Online Learning